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Kay Stone

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Kay Stone, MA, LPC, PCC 

Licensed Professional Counselor, Professional Certified Coach

I've spent the last two decades helping many clients transform their lives. My eclectic background and experience has made me uniquely equipped to support my clients in creating healthier relationships and more fulfilling lives. In addition to more traditional training in counseling and coaching, my time learning to gentle wild horses through a method known as "horse whispering" has taught me the art of how to wrangle in the most unruly of teenagers and team members alike. My time working as a guidance counselor at the University of Colorado in Boulder showed me how ill-equipped and unprepared our young people are for the challenges of modern life. I knew I wanted to help the parents and leaders in their lives understand how to grow these upcoming generations into more confident and empowered contributors. I absolutely love seeing folks begin taking the steps to transform their lives and witnessing the incredible changes that ensue. This work is most certainly my calling!

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